Augustyn Family Services



About Us

Augustyn Family Services, located at 4305 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60618, is a psychological services agency providing individual, couple, child and family therapy for a wide range of issues. The therapists at Augustyn Family Services understand that each individual is unique, and that any effective treatment must take into account each person’s individual needs and experiences. We seek to gain a deep understanding of our client’s history, culture, belief system and current emotional state in order to determine the very best treatment approach for each client.

We have tremendous respect for the courage that it takes to enter therapy and work towards change.

We utilize a warm, supportive and collaborative approach in order to partner with our clients in creating an action plan for change. All of us at Augustyn Family Services understand that the trust that our clients put in us is a great privilege and we work to create a safe, supportive environment. Using this client-centered approach, we will integrate different strategies to work towards developing insight, coping with painful emotional experiences and facilitating change.