DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

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Founded in 1959, DANK stands for Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress. The DANK Haus is the original chapter of this national organization; the DANK Haus also provides a home for the Chicago North Chapter of DANK.

Our mission is to preserve and promote German culture, heritage, and language through activities including, but not limited to, maintaining a center consisting of a museum, art gallery, library, and language school, and organizing educational and social programming focusing on and emphasizing the history, traditions, and contributions of Germans and German Americans.


Opening Reception: Vibrancy on the Brink
  • Opening Reception -- Vibrancy on the Brink: Endangered Species of Germany, America, and Beyond. Fingerpaintings by Anke Fachmann. Friday, July 15, 2022. 6-9 PM.
  • Friday Jul 15, 2022