North Park Elementary School

North Park Elementary School


About Us

We are dedicated to raising confident, self-reliant individuals, in partnership with families, while instilling a sense of curiosity, a passion for learning and a commitment to having an impact on the broader community.

Our rigorous academic curriculum is driven by student curiosity and built on small class sizes and authentic, hands-on experiences that develop essential skills for life beyond the classroom. Art, music, drama, foreign language, and athletics are central to the experience and afford each student important opportunities to develop their creativity and excel. Social-emotional learning supports and enables personal growth and full utilization of our academic curriculum; we value each student and focus on the habits of heart and mind together to develop resilient and confident learners. The NPES commitment to excellence begins with our faculty and staffs’ love of children, combined with specialized instructional expertise and extensive professional development. Students and parents are active and invested in the learning process, and partner with faculty and staff to help students become the very best versions of themselves. The NPES community is a vibrant and inclusive social network built on a common purpose of supporting our kids, and sustained by lasting friendships. Diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are a critical source of strength in the community. NPES provides an extraordinary educational value for the tuition.


  • Half or full day preschool for 3- and 4-year olds, five days a week
  • Full day kindergarten program
  • Strong parent involvement
  • Small group learning experiences
  • Cross-grade collaboration


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