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Symmetry Physical Therapy has been offering expert physical therapy care in Northcenter since 2014. We believe that physical therapy services are best delivered one-on-one without the use of aides or assistants. We treat orthopedic diagnoses across the lifespan and offer a variety of treatment options for non-surgical, conservative care, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally we have a women's heath and lymphedema/oncology specialist on staff to address these needs. Our therapists have a diverse skill set to address the individual needs of our patients and we believe in working in collaboration to ensure patients are meeting their goals. We accept Medicare and BCBS PPO and out-of network benefits apply for all other commercial insurances. We are happy to verify medical benefits for patients. Please call if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions.


Anne working with a patient on core stability in the clinic
Symmetry PT
Anne McJimsey, PT and Owner
Joanna Bakos, PT
Stephanie Gendron, PT
Kelly Chaplin, PT
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